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Colourism Ends With Me

Join the movement by taking the pledge. Commit to ending colourism by helping to create a culture of acceptance and support.

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Be AN Activist

Make a bold statement by turning your profile into a pledge. Post a selfie of you holding the Colourism Ends With Me poster with the hashtag #ColourismEndsWithMe

or post a selfie video saying any one of the following pledges:

Colourism Ends With Me Pledges
  1. I will accept friends of all different colours.
  2. I will say No to unfair and discriminatory advertising.
  3. I will not endorse skin whitening products.
  4. I stand against stereotypes that are associated with dark shades of skin.
  5. I am comfortable in my own skin and will empower others to embrace their own.
  6. My relationships with people will not be based on the colour of their skin.
  7. I stand for inclusivity, diversity and representation of all skin colours in all walks of life.
  8. I pledge to support all efforts towards ending colourism in a peaceful, but courageous manner.
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