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Our small but dedicated team are always busy conducting both awareness and training workshops in schools, colleges and offices. Each workshop, event and project is aimed at helping individuals and communities challenge beauty stereotypes and myths as well as build self-worth and end colourism.

Media Literacy Workshops

The media cannot define your worth!
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Our tailormade workshops equip students and working professionals with tools to combat skin colour bias and filter negative media messages. We cater to students in elementary, middle, high school and college.

City Chapters

Your city needs this message!
We currently have city chapters in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Sign-up to become a city co-ordinator and lead the way in helping bring awareness on the issue of colourism. We’ll help you through every step.
Write to us or sign-up.

Help Us Translate

Dark is Beautiful in all languages!
We aim see our material translated into other Indian languages. We are looking for volunteers and interns who can help with translation into Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali and Telugu.

Peer Support Groups

Everyone can do something!

We want everyone to be able to do something to fight colourism. Our peer support group guide will help create a support system and bring awareness in your community.

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