By Kavitha Emmanuel | Director of WOW

The success we have had so far with the Dark is Beautiful campaign is because of people like you who have believed in this cause and lent their support wholeheartedly. We have gone this far as an NGO with very little resources. This is a people’s campaign, your campaign!

Many have asked, “Why target only Emami’s Fair & Handsome, and not other brands?” Some have even wondered if we are supported/sponsored by Emami’s competitors!

To clear the air, we wish to inform you that Women of Worth and the Dark is Beautiful campaign have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with any cosmetic brand. We share the same conviction about every brand that is promoting fairness products through unfair advertising, which we believe endorses the toxic belief that fair alone is beautiful or handsome. Our intention is NOT to deface organizations, corporations or people. We are ALL responsible to lead change.

The WOW team has been working tirelessly to make this campaign what it is today. Lydia Durairaj, our campaign manager, builds bridges with people and keeps all the moving parts moving. Magda Tewes is our student coordinator and a graphic designer.

The rest of our core team is made up of committed volunteers:
Photography and Design: Zippora Madhukar
Design: Shalomie Tewes and Joanna Williams
Editing: Deepika Davidar
Writing and New Media: Marsha and Joy Christina
Cartoon Artist and New Media: Anju Sabu

The teamhas given us invaluable support and advice, and thus given voice to over 22,000 people who want to see an end to discriminatory advertising.

Our gratitude extends to our volunteer models: Anu, Mary, Aparna, Diya, David, Arpit, Monisha, Christy, and Fenny, along with all who were part of our video, “1.2 Billion Shades of Beautiful,” directed by Surya Jayaraman, with music by Timothy Madhukar. Our TVC with actor Anu Hasan was a contribution from Aubrey Sequiera, Goldwire Films.

To all those who allowed us to use their stories on our blog: You’re brave and beautiful. 

We appreciate each of the celebrities who have backed this cause with their words and their time: Nandita Das, Tannistha Chatterjee, Anu Hasan, Rupinder Nagra, Wilbur Sargunaraj, Vishakha Singh and Shekhar Kapur.

Most of our printingis sponsored by Go Media, while Audio Sciences has provided sound for our events.

Naturals and Unlimited Innovations have sponsored our T-shirts.

We also wish to thank Mr. Pratip Philip ADGP (Additional Director General of Police) and John Ravindran (chartered accountant) for their input and assistance.

We acknowledge our venue partners in Mumbai, Panasonic Experience Center and New Alpha Academy. Venue partners for previous events include British Council (Chennai), MLS Business Centres and Express Avenue Mall (Chennai).

We thank the media,who have reported on the campaign and engaged the public in meaningful discussions.

WOW warmly thanks all Mumbaikars who have helped us so far with practical support and sponsorships towards our petition delivery process. A special shout out to our Mumbai coordinator, Vasu Vittal Rao and to Savi and Ashwani Kumar Shukla and Arati Purani.

The WOW core team also wishes to recognize the support of our families and friends who’ve advised and encouraged us.

Our hope is that campaigns like this will be a catalyst to bring reformation in the way people perceive beauty and worth, and that our society will uphold values of justice, equality and dignity for all.

Anyone who wishes to support the campaign through sponsorships, partnerships, financial contributions and other resources can write to us at:
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