Dark is Beautiful is celebrating 1.2 Billion Shades of Skin Colour on Saturday, November 16, in MUMBAI. Join the colour madness at these locations:

Point 1: GATEWAY OF INDIA. Pick up at 9:00am
Point 2: MARINE DRIVE. Pick up at 9:45am
Point 3: CHOWPATTY. Pick up at 10:15am
Point 4: HILL ROAD. Between 2:30 and 3:00
Point 5: BANDSTAND. Between 3:00 – 4:00
Volunteers can join the celebrations at these venues. Artists, Musicians, Dancers, who would like to be a part of the event and share their talent to raise awareness – musicians, host a sidewalk gallery, or learn more about the campaign – can come directly to Bandstand. 
Volunteers who would like to join us on the bus can contact Lydia at 0 99403 58429 or Magda at 0 96772 53180
Here are the values of Women of Worth (WOW). We encourage volunteers to adhere to the following:
  • We value all people based on their innate worth. Skin colour, physical features, caste, social standing or ethnic  origins do not determine a person’s worth
  • We do not endorse cultural or traditional practices that strip people of their freedom to choose and to be who they are
  • We believe in showing our discontent or disapproval in a respectful and peaceful way
  • We do not believe in or approve of violence, vulgarity or unethical practices to achieve the campaign’s goals.
  • We do not believe in judging people for existing attitudes towards skin colour but would like to promote change of attitude through discussions, dialogue, petitions and partnerships
  • We believe that change is possible. Even those who have overlooked or endorsed the issue of skin colour bias in some way can still turn around and lead the change.
  • We are on the look out to build bridges rather than to burn them. We are always open to connecting, networking and partnering with individuals and organizations who seek to lead the change 
  • We believe that media is a powerful tool which if used rightly can bring positive change in a society
  • We are not against the advertising industry but stand up for change towards responsible advertising
  • We believe in building unity in diversity and endorse the celebration of all skin tones from white and wheatish to dark and dusky. 


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